Yet another day of salvage with Ethical Waste!

  • By HFH UFV on May 10, 2017 6:24 PM
the Decon team at work

the Decon team at work

Many thanks to Paul, the owner of Ethical Waste, for all his help here at Habitat for Humanity Upper Fraser Valley....and for yet another salvage job. This time we were able to pull around 4,000$ worth of product in a day. Another full truck set to go to ReStore and another truck full of useful stuff kept out of the landfill. It will be great to see all this product sold and put to use by our customers here in the Fraser Valley and even better that all the revenue generated will help continue to make our ReStore the success story that it is. The more successful our store, the more it supports Habitat for Humanity Upper Fraser Valley's mission to build affordable housing.

Ethical Waste is a demolition and abatement company that prides itself on recycling as much as they can while donating 50%....yes, 50% of their profits to charity. Paul's charity of choice is Access Youth, but he also donates what he can to Habitat! To learn more about Ethical Waste, go to:


Thanks again Paul!


Also, a thank you to Stan the owner of KMS tools for many of the tools used on site that day! As the owner of one of our favourite tool store, Stan donates tools to countries around the world as part of his Tools for the World program. To learn more about Tools for the World, go to

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