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Penelope has been a very hard working volunteer doing work that most of us don’t want to do. Up until a short while ago, she handled all our data entry and made sure the office was kept in line. While she is no longer volunteering with us, she is always in and out of the office saying hi! She is currently taking some much-deserved time travelling and living life as she is recovering from cancer treatment. We are very thankful that she is in remission and doing well!

Penelope chose to volunteer with Habitat because she has had an interesting connection with “home”. She has moved 48 times and counting, lived in 10 cities across Canada and lived in everything from a catamaran, a trailer, a down town high rise, a condo to a house. While she has chosen to live a foot loose life style, she is very aware that for many people a lack of stability is not a choice. As a result, she places a great deal of importance on the need for stability and pride of ownership regardless of housing type. She believes strongly that ownership at any scale, whether it be 100 square foot trailer or 3,000 square foot home, provides people with a great sense of responsibility and autonomy. She feels this sense of empowerment can change a person’s life and is passed down to their children helping them be more successful in their life choices, whatever that may be.

Talking with Penelope, one often gets the impression that she might have been a hippy living out her days with flowers in her hair and talking about social justice…but, surprisingly she spent 27 years of her life as a highly successful senior collections officer with the Canadian Revenue Agency. That’s right, in the past when you didn’t pay your taxes, they didn’t send armed men to your door…they sent Penelope…and she was very good at her job. We, here at HFHUFV, make it a very strict policy never to be late when we owe Penelope something.

Prior to being a collections officer, Penelope attained her BA from U.Vic and taught for a number of years before she really found her calling. She is now retired and those not paying their taxes can breathe a little easier We at HFHUFV, are happy that after retirement, she brought her energies and work ethic to our door.

On behalf of everyone at HFHUFV, Thanks Penelope!

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