The Fonseca's

Rarely does a single mom have the opportunity to buy a house, and yet that is just what partnership with Habitat for Humanity gave me, an opportunity to buy a house for my family. My two sons and I were living in a basement suite, as many single parent families do. We would take our laundry to the laundry mat, and in the summer I would wash my son’s daycare shirt every night in the bath tub. We had no room for them to have friends over; we barely had room for ourselves.

Now, we have a beautiful house, built by Ken Friesen Construction, with enough room to allow our family to grow a little more! The addition of a playful young dog has brought much joy in our lives, and I’m sure it will also bring quite the challenge in the spring, as I look forward to planting a vegetable garden for the first time. The planter boxes, made by Dragonlily Gardens, will hopefully be overflowing! My kids are happy to have their own space, to be able to have friends over, even to just be able to have a birthday party in their own house. 

The Pedersen's




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