Donate to ReStore

Getting new furniture or appliances? Moving? Down-sizing? Cleaning up? Renovating? Or even demolishing? 

Whenever you have something to get rid of that still has life left, don’t dump it, donate it to ReStore. ReStore depends entirely on donations and your donations support affordable housing right here in the Fraser Valley.

You can schedule a pick up, drop off at our store or even request our Deconstruction Team to do salvage a removal work. Before you finalize your decision to donate, please send a picture, your location and details about your donation to ReStore at or call 604-557-1020 to ensure that we can take your donations. There are many items we cannot take. We also ask that your donations are clean, unbroken, functional and free from tears or breaks.


Pre-Hung Panelled Doors
Kitchen Cabinets
Building Material

Vinyl Windows
Power and Hand Tools
Bathroom Vanities
New Flooring more than 120 sq. ft.

We take much more, so contact us with any item you may wish to donate.


Non flat screen TVs
Sunshine Ceilings
Storm Doors
Soaker/Jetted/Corner Tubs
Car seats
Aluminium Windows
Exercise Equipment
Moulding under 3 feet
Shower Doors
Vertical/Used Blinds

Entertainment Centres
Flat Panel Doors
Hide a Beds
Less than 120 sq. ft. flooring
Pet Toys
Used Curtains
Opened/Used Paint
Cabinet Doors
Partial/Open Bags/Buckets of building materials

*Any item may be rejected due to quality, space in our store and current consumer demand. Please contact our staff to confirm that we can take your donation.*


Standards for donated items

While we greatly appreciate every interest to donate, we must have standards in place to ensure that we do not take in items that may not sell and may end up needing to be dumped. We kindly request that:

  • Items be clean (free from pet hair, stains, dirt or other debris).
  • Appliances should not be covered in food or oil, they should be functional and they should not be excessively damaged
  • Toilets should not be stained or cracked and they should be clean with the bottom wax ring removed.
  • Furniture should be free from tears or breaks (items that may be easily repaired can be accepted), they should be functional and free of excessive signs of wear (i.e. worn sofa cushions, sagging springs, thread bare fabric or excessively loose joints that cannot be repaired). 

To drop off an item

Send us an email with a picture to:  or call 604-557-1020 before dropping off your item to ensure we can take your item. Then drop your item off at our receiving bay at 31877 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC. Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm. Our receiving staff reserves the right to deny any item upon detailed inspection.

To request a pick up

Send us an email with a picture to: or call 604-557-1020 about 2 weeks prior to your desired pick up date to schedule our pick up team. Please keep in mind that our service is curb to curb and we request that items you wish to donate are easily accessible. Our driver also reserves the right to deny any donation upon detailed inspection.

To request our Deconstruction Team

If you are renovating or demolishing a home or building call our Deconstruction Team at least 2-4 weeks before you need our services. We can help you save time, money and a lot of work while providing you with a tax receipt for the sale value of your donation. We ask only for a small donation starting at $100 in exchange for our timely and professional removal service. Send us an email with pictures to or call 604-557-1020.

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