If you are interested in volunteering please contact volunteer@habitatufv.ca. If you only wish to volunteer at ReStore you may also send an email to restore@habitatufv.ca.


As a sales staff you will help customers find what they are looking for and answer questions they might have about furniture, appliances and building supplies. You may also help price and stock shelves as well as help clean up. As a volunteer sales member bring your cheery disposition and desire to help and chat with customers. No experience is needed but having some knowledge of home repair or sales is always an asset.


As a warehouse staff member you will help unload trucks, sort donations and repair furniture, appliances, lighting and small engines. Volunteers may also do reclamation work where they dismantle furniture, de-nail lumber, remove mortar from bricks or separate and sort metal. No experience is needed, but we are always looking for handy people who have experience as electricians, furniture makers, appliance repairpersons, and have general knowledge of building supplies and tools.

Truck Driver / swamper: 

As a driver or swamper you will get to drive (or ride along) in our 5 ton delivery van. You will spend your time delivering items that people have purchased from the store, or picking up items that people have donated. Being able to lift large heavy objects is very important for this position.

Deconstruction Team:

As  member of our Deconstruction Team you will be conbducting kitchen and bathroom tear outs, removing windows and doors from homes being renovated or demolished and even removing valuable lumber or metal. Our salvage operations may be in a home that is being renovated, in a home set for demolition, tearing down temporary sales centres or in appartments of condos being renovated. The work is hard, but never boring.


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