Building homes, building hope

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by providing affordable housing. We offer a hand up, not a hand out.

  • ReUpholster those great ReStore finds to create unique, modern yet classic pieces out of donated furniture! You can DIY it yourself, or take it to the pros for a truly professional piece of furniture that is one of a kind, modern and stylish. Older furniture donated to Habitat for Humanity may often be damaged, torn or just no that stylish anymore, but a great deal of it has been built to stand the test of time far better than a lot of what is being made today. Sometimes all they require to become new again is a bit of love and know how.

    You can also feel good knowing that you have kept that piece of furniture out of our landfills, supported our housing efforts as well as supported a local crafts person. 


    The photo here is from Modern Done Upholstery in Vancouver. If you happen to be an upholsterer in the Fraser Valley, or know of one, please feel free to let us know what you do. We always love to see what can be done with old things!

  • Nickel Bros is selling this cute little home on behalf of Habitat for Humanity. Help us save it from destruction at the hands of a very large excavator. 

    Nickel Bros regularly rescues homes set to be demolished and will move those homes nearly anywhere from the island to Hope. This time, they are selling this home to help raise revenue for us! So, buy this home and support our own home build in the District of Mission next year.

    Go to: for details or contact

  • In celebration of partnership between Habitat for Humanity ReStore and @swiffer we bring you the exciting adventures of #Captainswiffer #thesequel #ReStore25 #swiffer 

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