Building homes, building hope

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by providing affordable housing. We offer a hand up, not a hand out.

  • Being poor is hard and getting out of poverty is an uphill battle where everyday necessities are harder to acquire and cost just a bit more. We have a tendency to ask people to succeed in the face of adversity before we offer the kind of assistance that they really need. We place roadblocks in the path of success by punishing people for being poor. 

    To learn more and see the full infographic about how being poor costs more, please follow the link:

    At HFH we believe firmly that offering a hand up rather than a hand out is a way out of poverty. We help families build equity through home ownership so they can get out of the endless cycle of paying rent. At Habitat for Humanity we ensure that families won't face penalties or end up on the streets when they cannot afford to pay their monthly mortgage. We ask that they continue to pay only 30% of their monthly income, whatever that might be, towards their home and we work with the family to ensure they can make it through rough patches. With the increased stability, our partner families have demonstrated that they are more likely to make improvements in their career and earn more. What is even more exciting, is the children of Habitat families have a much greater chance of succeeding in their careers. We have proven that people are more capable of helping themselves when they have a little help themselves and we have proven that it is more cost effective to help people out of poverty than it is to support them in poverty.

    To learn more, feel free to attend one of our bi-monthly orientation sessions. Just send an email to You are not required to commit to volunteering with us, just come out and learn more about what we do!

  • What:

    Our next volunteer orientations are set for May.


    May 4th at 12 noon
    May 18th at 7pm
    Where: 31877 South Fraser Way


    • If you are interested in volunteering on our build starting later this year
    • Helping in the ReStore, helping organize events on a committee
    • Working on upcycle projects as part of our ReCreate team
    • Going abroad with other like minded people from the community to build homes
    • Learning more about Habitat    

    You are invited to come out!

    Register at

    We will add extra dates if demand is high, we can arrange for orientations in Chilliwack if you are interested in the ReStore there, and you can ask about booking a personal meeting if our regular dates just don't fit your schedule.

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  • One of the key reasons we do what we do is because we know first hand the effect poverty has on children. We know that children who have a safe secure home with hope for the future are much more likely to succeed in life and be able to give back to society.

    Unfortunately, according to the 2016 BC Child Poverty Report Card, 1 in 5 children live in poverty in BC while BC is one of the wealthiest provinces in Canada; 4th in GDP and 3rd in GDP per capita.


    • Read the 2016 BC Child Poverty Report Card
    • Contact the Premier
    • Support local organizations working for poverty reduction

    "The statistics and stories in this report tell a painful truth about British Columbia. We like to think of ourselves as a caring, civilized society, but in fact we have been tolerating and sustaining shameful levels of child and family poverty for decades. By allowing our society’s wealth to be concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer wealthy individuals, we have allowed thousands of children to grow up in poverty that we know hurts their health and ignores their human rights."

    2016 BC Child Poverty Report Card

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